From Barbie to Marvel, Ryan Gosling confirms himself as Nova, a new UCM superhero

From Barbie to Marvel, Ryan Gosling confirms himself as Nova, a new UCM superhero

From Barbie to Marvel, Ryan Gosling confirms Nova, a new superhero UCM – Special / Flix Nation (AFP Agency)

Loud rumors about a possible superhero series or movie have gained a lot more strength now that a popular geek news bulletin has confirmed this. Ryan Gosling would have been chosen by Marvel Studios to play this cartoon character once he finished his job as Ken in the live action movie “Barbie”.

Currently the recognized protagonist of ‘Blade Runner 2049’is shooting the scenes of ‘Barbie’, the live action film directed by Greta Gerwig in which Margot Robbie gives life to the iconic doll and Ryan Gosling to her beloved Ken, but according to Giant robotthe actor would already have been confirmed to work with Marvel after this tape.

It is very important to note that the movie or series’Do not go’hasn’t even been officially confirmed by Marvel or Disney, so it’s impossible to consider 100% real that Ryan Gosling will be the actor in charge of bringing this powerful intergalactic character to life, however the news was well received by fans.

There are no details yet as to whether the hero will star in a Disney + movie or series, but we’re sure Ryan Gosling will be playing Nova for Marvel in the future.”, Writes the newspaper, without revealing the sources, but in the past they have already disclosed this type of data which then becomes reality once confirmed.

At the moment, it is unknown what Ryan Gosling will do after recording his starring role in ‘Barbie’although many fans are looking forward to seeing his participation in’The gray man’, Netflix’s most expensive movie in which he shares the screen with Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, who for more than a decade was the Captain America actor in Marvel and could have convinced him to join Marvel.

Here’s what Ryan Gosling looks like as Nova, the mighty superhero

Interestingly, it was thought that whoever would portray Nova in the MCU would be a young actor in the style of Iman Vellani or Tom Holland, to be part of the New Avengers, but if the information about Ryan Gosling turns out to be true, the truth is that the suit fits like a glove according to some fan art.

As usual, the news of the alleged confirmation of Ryan Gosling as Nova opened the doors for digital artists to imagine what the actor looks like become the superhero of Marveland the fan art did not take long to reach the social networks, where the news was very well received by the public and by the fans of the UCM, but we will have to continue waiting for confirmation.

By Jared Solis

Source: Nacion Flix

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