THE ACOLYTE Star Amandla Stenberg Speaks Out About Toxic Backlash, Welcomes Constructive Criticism

THE ACOLYTE Star Amandla Stenberg Speaks Out About Toxic Backlash, Welcomes Constructive Criticism

The new Star Wars series The Acolyte has received a lot of mixed reviews from fans, some of them downright unpleasant, while others offer constructive criticism.

Star of the series Amandla Stenberg He recently spoke openly about some of the backlash he faced for taking the lead role in the series, and while he condemns those who lean completely into the dark side, he welcomes constructive criticism.

During a recent appearance on The View, she spoke out about what she previously described as “intolerable racism.”

She explained: “It was very painful for me. It’s not something I think you can emotionally prepare for. [We] I welcome criticism of the show when it comes to storytelling or performance. But when it comes to death threats, horrible, violent racist language, that’s unacceptable to me.”

Yeah, that kind of bullshit is out of place. I’ve always said that the backbone of any form of film or TV show is that the story is good and the character development is strong. That’s what I look for, and this show is not for me. But I don’t wish any ill will on any of the actors or members of the creative team.

Stenberg continued, “I had to think very deeply and intensely about when to demonstrate discipline and when to demonstrate honor.

“And I think what I mean is when you decide to use discipline to not react to hate and when you decide to engage in honor by honoring your values ​​and your belief system.”

She then referenced a music video she shared on her social media accounts last month, saying, “In this case, I decided that for me it was the most important thing, to be explicit because I think that even silence can send a message. And inaction can be very dangerous.”

He continued: “And so, well, I left a diss track… I left a diss track about it… and it’s called ‘Discourse’ and it’s really about, obviously, what I’ve experienced, but it’s also about the divisiveness of culture and how hard it is for all of us now to navigate information in this new age. It’s so hard to tell what’s true, you know, online.”

The actress added: “These online algorithms shape our reality and our thinking, they are clickbait journalism and they also profit from our anger and our hatred.

“And I think it’s something that we’re aware of, but we don’t necessarily have enough discussion or infrastructure around it because it’s so new.”

The Acolyte is described as “a mysterious thriller that will take viewers into a galaxy of dark secrets and emerging dark powers in the final days of the era of the High Republic.” The High Republic is set 100 years before the beginning of the Skywalker Saga.

Steinberg plays a former Padawan and a dangerous warrior who hunts and kills Jedi. In the story, “An investigation into a shocking series of crimes pits a respected Jedi Master (Lee Jung Jae) against a dangerous warrior from his past (Stenberg).

“As more clues emerge, the two embark on a dark journey where sinister forces reveal that not all is as it seems…”

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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