Ryan Reynolds Says No One Can Play Wolverine Except Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds Says No One Can Play Wolverine Except Hugh Jackman

During a Deadpool and Wolverine fan event in Berlin, My name is Ryan Reynolds. He explained why, in his opinion, only one actor played the role of Wolverine in the live-action film.

Hugh Jackman He has been playing Wolverine for over two decades and in all that time no other actor has been hired to play the character.

Jackman stepped down from the role after starring in by James Mangold Loganbut then he was inspired to reprise the role at Marvel Studios Deadpool and Wolverinewhich made fans very happy.

We don’t know what the future holds for Jackman’s Wolverine after this episode, but rumor has it that he’ll be sticking around.

Reynolds had high praise for Jackman and said that the reason “there’s only been one Wolverine” is that “nobody can do it except [Hugh Jackman.”

While I’ve loved Jackman in the role, I’d actually be fine with a new actor taking on the role of Wolverine in the MCU. Jackman can’t play this character forever, but I’ve appreciated the run that he’s had!

As for who could replace him? I don’t know. I think it’d be interesting to cast an unknown actor like Jackman when he was first cast in the role.

Jackman previously talked about making Deadpool & Wolverine and how it was “one of the greatest” experiences of his career.

He said: “I feel in many ways fans of Wolverine — because of Deadpool, because of [Reynolds and Levy]you’ll see a more complete and different side of him than you’ve ever seen before. And that was exciting for me, and I hope it’s exciting for you too.

“The experience of shooting the movie was also one of the greatest experiences of my career, and I’ve been playing Wolverine for 25 years. This experience surpassed anything I’ve done before as this character, and in many other movies, in anything.

“I loved it. And I think you can feel it on the screen. You can feel the warmth. The movie has warmth, and it’s funny, and it’s irreverent, and the action is crazy. But I think you can feel the friendship.”

It will be interesting to see what Marvel’s plan is for Wolverine. Deadpool and Wolverine is released.

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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