THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Showrunner Steve Blackman Calls Final Season “A Surprise Ending,” But “A Good Ending” and “Very Natural”

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Showrunner Steve Blackman Calls Final Season “A Surprise Ending,” But “A Good Ending” and “Very Natural”

The fourth and final season of Netflix’s hit action series is just a month away. The Umbrella Academy.

The show follows a group of children who were all “miraculously” born on the same day, some of whom were adopted by the same man. The children grew up with superpowers and went their separate ways until their father died, and they came back together to save the world.

The series has been exciting and fun since its inception, and now the creator who adapted it from the comics to the series has spoken out about the responsibility he feels he has to make the finale a great one.

Steve Blackman recently told SFX magazine: “Yes, I felt a certain responsibility. But I knew how I wanted to end the show from [the] from the beginning. We wanted to explain Jennifer’s accident [AKA the death of original Umbrella Academy alumnus Ben]and to talk about [Sir Reginald] The origins of Hargreeves.

“There will still be mysteries, but I think the bigger ones are solved. I spoke with Gerardo Street [author of the comic book the show is based on] the other day, and he was very pleased with the way we did it.

“It may not match what he does, but I think he likes some of the things we’ve done.”

The final season will be shorter than the previous three, with six episodes instead of the usual 10. Blackman explained, however, that he doesn’t think he needed any more time to wrap up.

“If you asked me if there was anything else I could have done if I had five more episodes somewhere, I don’t think so. I think we’ve arrived at what I feel is a very natural ending, the right ending for the show. It’s a surprise ending, but I think it’s a good ending.”

As for the possibility of seeing these characters in the future, Blackman is hopeful. He noted, “I can think of a number of spin-offs off the top of my head that I would love to see.

“I hope this isn’t the end of Umbrella Academy, it’s just so beloved, but we’ll have to see where Netflix wants to go on that path. I think it’s a world that could be spun off.

“There are so many interesting timelines and different characters that we’ve met along the way that I think it deserves a spin-off someday. I really hope that’s not the end of it.”

I can’t wait to see this final season. It’s been two years since season 3, just as there were two years between season 2 and season 3, with a pandemic, strikes, and other setbacks.

We’ll finally see a resolution, and I can’t wait. This series and these characters have so much heart. I hope their tumultuous stories end with some peace.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 will hit Netflix on August 8th.

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by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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