Martin Scorsese to Direct Documentary on Ancient Shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea

Martin Scorsese to Direct Documentary on Ancient Shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea

Martin Scorsese is set to direct a documentary in Sicily about ancient shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea. The project will take the director back to his roots in Polizzi Generosa, the town where his grandparents were born.

The documentary will be based on research conducted by American archaeologist Lisa Briggs, a professor and researcher at Cranfield University in England.

Briggs is a specialist in terrestrial and underwater archaeology and “in the use of scientific tools, including DNA analysis of artifacts recovered from ancient shipwreck sites, to reconstruct the histories of ships, sailors, cargoes and maritime trade in the ancient world.”

As a history buff, this sounds really cool! Francesco Paolo Scarpinato, Sicily’s cultural heritage councilor, told the Italian news agency ANSA: “We welcomed the initiative with enthusiasm.”

He added that the island’s authorities are “making available all relevant sites and archaeological parks, considering the relevance of the project.”

The documentary will be shot in “land and underwater locations in Sicily, including the Strait of Sicily; the area surrounding the port city of Trapani in the north-western corner of Sicily and nearby Marausa, known for the recent discovery of the wreck “Marausa 2”, a large sunken ship dating back to the 3rd century AD; in the archaeological parks of Selinunte and Lilibeo-Marsala; the Cusa Caves and on the small island of Pantelleria.

“The locations selected also include the historic tuna fishery on the island of Favignana; the ancient Phoenician colony of Mozia; the medieval village of Erice and Polizzi Generosa, the town on a high cliff along the southern slopes of the Madonie in Sicily, home to the director’s paternal grandparents, Teresa and Francesco Scorsese, before they emigrated to New York at the beginning of the century.”

The documentary will start filming this summer and it should be an amazing project to be a part of! I love exploring remote areas and something like this would be an awesome experience!

Source: Variety

by Joey Fear
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