Fantastic poster from the 1990 classic sci-fi film TOTAL RECALL – “Get Your Ass To Mars”

Fantastic poster from the 1990 classic sci-fi film TOTAL RECALL – “Get Your Ass To Mars”

This poster is a classic 1990 sci-fi movie Total recall It was created by the artist Rich Davis for the Hero Complex Gallery and it’s called “Get Your Ass To Mars”. If you’re a fan of the movie, this is a print you might want to consider adding to your collection.

The first time I saw this movie I was at a drive-in theater. I don’t remember the movie we were originally supposed to see because my cousins ​​and I snuck in to see it Total recalland damn! That was a crazy movie to watch as a kid!

Total Recall was directed by Paul Verhoeven and the story is set in a near future where memory implants allow people to experience fantastic adventures without leaving their homes.

The story follows Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzeneggerr), a construction worker plagued by recurring dreams about Mars. Wanting more excitement, he visits Rekall Inc. to receive a memory implant of a vacation on Mars.

However, the procedure uncovers repressed memories, revealing that Quaid’s life is a fabrication. He is, in reality, a secret agent named Hauser whose memories have been erased.

When Quaid’s true identity emerges, he finds himself embroiled in a rebellion against the tyrannical Martian governor, Vilos Cohaagen.

Quaid’s search for the truth leads him on a dangerous journey to Mars, where he teams up with Melina, a member of the resistance fighting for Martian independence.

If you’d like to purchase this print, the 24×36 limited edition version will cost you $75.

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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