HBO’s IT prequel series WELCOME TO DERRY adds 10 to the cast

HBO’s IT prequel series WELCOME TO DERRY adds 10 to the cast

HBO has added ten new cast members to its It prequel series Welcome to Derryinspired by the story of Stephen King. This is a show I am very excited about!

Bill Skarsgard is set to reprise his role as Pennywise the Clown, and will be joined by him Alessandra Fuchs (Hatfields and McCoys), Kimberly Guerrero (English), Dorian Grey (Transplant, Star Trek: Discovery), Thomas Mitchell (Undercover Gangland, Spiral), B.J. Harrison (Family law, waitress), Peter Outerbridge (Batwoman, Saw VI), Shane Marriott (Fargo, Law & Order Toronto: criminal intent), Chad Rook (Joe Pickett, Billy the Kid), Joshua Odjick (Little Bird, Wildhood) AND Angelina della Stella del Mattino (Echo, Westworld).

Previously announced cast members include Taylor Paige (Zola, Ma Rainey’s black bottom), Jovan Adepo (Babylon, Watchmen), Chris Chalk (Perry Mason, All dirt roads taste like salt), Giacomo Remar (Oppenheimer, Megalopolis), Madeleine Stowe (The 12 Monkeys, The Last of the Mohicans, Revenge) AND Stefano Cavaliere (Reckless).

The series is developed by the director Andy Muschietti (It film) and showrunner Jason Fuchs (En: Chapter II) AND Brad Caleb Kane (Tokyo Vice), who will also executive produce the series.

The official plot of the series states: “Set in the world of Stephen King It universe, Welcome to Derry is based on King’s It novel and expands the vision established by director Andy Muschietti in the feature films It AND It’s chapter two.”

When previously we talked about the mythology of the story, Muschietti said: “There’s a whole mythology in the book though… Mythology is something you always have the opportunity to explore. It [aka Pennywise] it has been on Earth for millions of years.

“It has been in contact with humans for hundreds of years, every 27 years. So you can imagine the amount of material. It’s always exciting to think about finally exploring this mythology. It’s very exciting. But for now there is nothing on the table.”

There are some very interesting prequel stories to be told about Pennywise because the shape-shifting creature has been in Derry, killing people for a long time. “It came to Earth in a huge catastrophic event similar to an asteroid impact, landing in a place in North America that would eventually become Derry, Maine.

“Once people settled in this place, it adopted its usual 27-30 year hibernation pattern, waking up to kill and eat. Each awakening and return to hibernation is sometimes marked by a violent act, such as a mass murder or a weather event. Meanwhile, a series of child murders in Derry are never solved.

“It is apparently explained that a series of murders, no matter how gruesome, go unreported if they happen in a small town. However, the real reason is that the influence of It prevents anyone from investigating too deeply.”

While it’s not confirmed, I think the series will tell the story of The Black Spot, a prominent location in Derry featured in Stephen King’s films and novel. The Black Spot was a nightclub founded by Mike Hanlon’s father, Will, and some of his friends. It was a place where black soldiers from the nearby military base went.

The Black Spot was razed by the Maine Legion of White Decency. One of the people inside was a young Dick Hallorann The brilliant, who worked in the club’s kitchen. Hallorann made it out alive and eventually ended up working at the Overlook Hotel, where he ultimately met his demise.

The series will arrive in 2025.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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