Wonderful first trailer for HERE by Robert Zemeckis with Tom Hanks and Robin Wright

Wonderful first trailer for HERE by Robert Zemeckis with Tom Hanks and Robin Wright

The director’s first trailer has been released Roberto Zemeckis’new film project Here, and it looks like an incredible film that tells a story in a really interesting and unique way. I’m excited to experience this movie!

Movie stars Tom Hanks AND Robin Wright and is an adaptation of Richard McGuirewhose story is described as “a revolutionary and breathtaking odyssey through time and memory”.

The film centers “around a place in New England where from the wilderness and then, later, from a home, love, loss, struggle, hope and legacy play out between couples and families over generations.”

It was recently revealed that the film takes place entirely from a fixed point of view. The camera never moves, never zooms or even turns. The only thing that is moving is the passage of time and we can see how it looks in this first trailer.

Zemeckis had previously spoken about this, saying, “The single perspective never changes, but everything around it does. It’s never really been done before. There are scenes like that in the very early silent films, before the language of montage was invented. But other than that, yeah, it was a risky undertaking.”

He adds: “That’s the excitement. What comes from this vision of the universe? I think it’s an interesting way to do a meditation on mortality. It taps into the universal theme that everything passes.”

In the film, Hanks plays a baby boomer named Richard, “who at certain points in the story is around his age of 67 but also spans the decades thanks to traditional makeup effects, as well as digital aging effects. Hanks ages himself into the late ’80s and travels back to when Richard was a very young man in the ’60s, just as the two-time Oscar winner did in his TV debut as the baby-faced star of the ’80s 80. Best friends.”

Wright joins the story during Richard’s late adolescence “as his girlfriend and later wife, Margaret, as the couple raise their children in the house where he grew up, and go from looking decades younger to old age as she is lively and adventurous. Her character guides her husband through the changing times.”

The film is also the protagonist Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey), Gwilym Lee (Bohemian Rhapsody), David Funn (The Mauritanian), Ophelia Lovibond (Guardians of the Galaxy), Nicola Pinnock (For the life), Nikki Amuka-bird (Knock on the booth), AND Paolo Bettany (WandaVision).

Here it opens in theaters on November 15th and it looks like Zemeckis has made another incredible film!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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