THE ACOLYTE showrunner addresses negative fan reaction and previous comments she’s made

THE ACOLYTE showrunner addresses negative fan reaction and previous comments she’s made

While fans continue to argue Star Wars: The Acolyteshowrunner Leslye Promontory recently addressed fan backlash and previous controversial comments about “gayer Star Wars” and also explained the witch coven, which some are calling “lesbian witches.”

Regarding the “gayer Star Wars” comment, she told THR: “I was surprised by the question. Amandla and I burst out laughing because that’s our knee-jerk reaction to being asked that, but to be honest , I do not know.” I don’t know what the term “gay” means in this sense, I don’t think I’ve created queer content, with a capital Q.”

Speaking about the negative reaction to this, Headland added: “Honestly, I feel bad that people think that if something was gay, it would be bad.

“It makes me feel sad that a group of people on the Internet could somehow dismantle what I consider to be the most important work of art I have ever made.”

As for the witches, the director explained: “They live in a matriarchal society. Being gay, I knew it would be read that their sexuality is strange, but there are no men in their community.

“So a closeness between the two of them would be natural. He seemed plot-driven. I’d say it’s really reductive to call them lesbians. I think it means you’re not paying much attention to this story.”

Speaking about undertaking this project she said: “I’m proud to be a gay woman who has achieved this feat, and certainly, if my content is defined as queer, I don’t want to disown whatever queer thing is in the show. I would be proud to create something that inspire queer people.”

There’s definitely a lot of hate about it The Acolyte for many reasons beyond what Headland talks about in the interview.

I think it’s okay to have a healthy, productive debate about these things and offer constructive criticism. But there are definitely a lot of people who go overboard with the hate. I like to think there’s a way to discuss these things without the conversation going off the rails.

But many of the conversations I’ve seen online and on social media have gone astray. For me, the story doesn’t work, I don’t think the writing is good and I wish they would have stayed more in line with the story and tone of the film. Star Wars.

I won’t give up on the franchise, I just want to see quality Star Wars projects made. Every fan has a standard in their head of what that is.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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