Marvel Studios’ BLADE was going to be a period piece set in the 1920s

Marvel Studios’ BLADE was going to be a period piece set in the 1920s

Interesting new details have emerged for Marvel Studios Lama with Mahershala AlI and I like the setting they would go with!

Under the direction of Yann Demangewho recently abandoned the project, Lama it would have been a period film set in the 1920s. What a fantastic setting for a Blade movie, which would have been very different and unique for a Marvel movie.

The news comes from THR, which also reported that Mia Goth, still attached to the project, would play Lilith, an ancient demon-vampire goddess who “wanted the blood of Blade’s daughter.”

He explains this in another iteration of the film under the direction Bassam Tariq, “Marvel built a huge train, but it was never used.” The new interpretation Lama it is said to be set in the present day.

Damn, that was a missed opportunity to do something really interesting with a movie set in the 1920s! A modern day Blade movie seems boring now after learning what it could have been.

Marvel and Disney spent millions of dollars on Blade throughout the development and pre-production process. and they will keep going until this movie is finally made.

Marvel’s current plan is for the script to be rewritten over the summer and then they will begin contacting directors.

Ali has a lot of influence over the project and after Marvel provided him with a list of directors to choose from to take on the project, “he conducted his own research fearing that the list largely comprised directors untested at the major studio level “. .”

It will be interesting to see who the next director will be and how this film turns out. What do you think of this latest Blade update? What would you like to see from the film?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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