Michael Richards says Kramer originally had a ponytail on SEINFELD but decided to ditch the idea

Michael Richards says Kramer originally had a ponytail on SEINFELD but decided to ditch the idea

Seinfeld is one of those timeless classic comedy sitcoms that will continue to keep fans coming back and likely gain new viewers over the years. It’s a hilarious show and what made it so good was the writing and the four stars who brought the characters to life.

Jerry was the comedian with dating problems, George was neurotic and always having problems at work and with his parents, Elaine had her own relationship problems and strange bosses to deal with, and Kramer was Jerry’s eccentric neighbor who had a style all his. even as he marched to the beat of his own drum.

Kramer’s eccentric personality and vintage thrift store clothes paired with her “Bride of Frankenstein” hairdo and signature slide in one room were the perfect combination to give viewers the right sense of who we were dealing with. But Kramer almost looked different.

Actor Michael Richardswho played Kramer for nine seasons, talked about the character on The Rich Eisen Show and profiled the creator Larry David’s vision for his character’s appearance:

“When I first started and they were casting, Larry [David] he was still close to Kenny Kramer while visualizing Kramer’s character, and he suggested I wear a ponytail because Kenny wore one. But I quickly stopped all that when I started getting into Cosmo Kramer.

Kenny Kramer he was a stand-up comedian who lived next door to Larry David just like Cosmo Kramer lived with Jerry. However, the sitcom actor made sure not to meet the real-life inspiration so that he could make the role his own.

Although he had some good comedic ideas about where to go with the ponytail, Richards ultimately decided to go his own way with styling Kramer’s hair.

“Well, I couldn’t grow it out in time and I didn’t want to wear a fake one, even though I thought, ‘Hmm, a fake one.’ She might fall sometimes.’ And we see that it’s fake and he’s very worried about this fake ponytail. But it falls and he has to stick it in his pocket, and that’s an interesting cover. That could lead to comedy something more personal. I pulled my hair out, put some dirt on it and let it fly.

This would have been really funny too, but it turns out Kramer was a pretty confident guy and wore his long-lasting hairstyle well throughout the series. It would be fun to see some episodes that played out this way!

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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