Kelsey Grammer says the biggest disappointment of his career was being recast as Beast in the X-MEN prequel

Kelsey Grammer says the biggest disappointment of his career was being recast as Beast in the X-MEN prequel

Kelsey Grammer he is best known for playing his long-running character Frasier throughout the series Greetingsthen his long-running show of the same name, as well as its current revival, but when Grammer was asked about the biggest disappointment of his career, his focus immediately turned to his portrayal of Beast in the X-Men franchise.

In a recent interview with THR’s “Full Comedy Actor Roundtable” segment, Grammer appeared alongside fellow TV comedy stars Theo James (Netflix series The gentleman), Ricky Martin (Royal Palm), Anthony Mackie (Twisted metal), Bowen Yang (SNL) and John Goodman (The Connors). Midway through the conversation, the group was asked about some of the most challenging news or feedback they’ve faced. Grammer had things on his mind, but the one at the forefront of his thoughts was finding out X-Men: First Class it was happening… without him. He recalled:

“The most challenging things I’ve ever heard, actually, really… One was after I just played Beast – [to Mackie] My days at Marvel – and they came over and said, “We have the next greatest movie coming up.” And this was Lauren Donner, and she said, “We’re going back in time!” And suddenly I had this feeling of, ‘Oh, so I’m not going to be there, so my performance as Beast isn’t going to be there.’ That’s what you’re telling me.” And sure enough, he went back in time and I was no longer there. So that was really exciting news for me.”

Grammer played Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast in X-Men Finale of the film trilogy, X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), which had its problems, though none of which were directed at Grammer’s portrayal. Beast was then given to a younger actor for the next prequel, and Nicholas Hoult he did well to carry on the role of Beast throughout the next round of X-Men films including First Class, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix.

And times have come full circle for Grammer, much to the delight of fans, as he recently made a triumphant return, once again playing Beast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, during a surprise post-credits scene for The Marvels. Many MCU fans hope that Kevin Feige (one of the original assistants of the X-Men film) will bring Grammer back for a larger story arc as Beast.

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