Glen Powell says Edger Wright’s THE RUNNING MAN will be very different from the original film

Glen Powell says Edger Wright’s THE RUNNING MAN will be very different from the original film

Director Edgar Wright he is currently preparing to direct a film adaptation of Stephen King’S The runner with Glen Powell set to star.

It will be a great film project and Powell recently commented on it saying that it will be different from the original film.

He told USA Today: “I’ve been a fan of Edgar Wright my whole life. And I talk to him about it Running Man, what was really incredible was his take on it. It’s not quite the original Schwarzenegger film, it’s much more rooted in the Stephen King version (novel).

“As much as I like the original 1987 film, it’s very different from the story King wrote, so I’m actually very excited that Wright’s film will be much closer to the source material.”

Wright had previously spoken about his vision for the film and how he wants it to be a true adaptation of the book, saying: “I think even nowadays it’s like in terms of similar, you know, I think when remakes are done well it’s if there is anything else to add or if there is a different approach to it.

He continued: “So I think the problem sometimes is recently that the remakes are just kind of facsimiles of the original movie and I don’t get too excited about a lot of them because they feel like kind of karaoke versions of the originals.”

You write added: “Obviously in the 70s and 80s there were those where they were additives like That of Philip Kauffmann Invasion of the Body Snatchers OR By John Carpenter The thing OR David Cronenberg’s The fly; it’s taking something and doing something interesting with it.’“

He goes on to talk specifically about his vision, saying, “In terms of similar things that I’ve done, as you know, The runner which is something that is under active development. Why is this interesting to me? I like the movie, but I like the book more and they didn’t really adapt it.

He said: “Even as a teenager, when I saw the Schwarzenegger movie, I thought, ‘Oh, this isn’t like the book at all,’ and I don’t think anyone has adapted that book.

“So when this came up I was thinking you know and Simon Kinberg said ‘Are you interested in? The runner?’ I said, “You know, what I often thought that book was something like crying out to be adapted.” That doesn’t mean it’s easy, but like it’s something we’re working on, yeah, I’ll say that.”

The runner is a dystopian story set in a future society where the government controls everything, the story follows Ben Richards, a desperate and impoverished man who participates in a deadly game called “The Running Man” to win money for his family.

The game involves Richards being hunted by professional killers as he tries to evade capture for a month. As he navigates a decaying and dangerous cityscape, Richards becomes a symbol of resistance against the oppressive government.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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