SMALLVILLE star Kristin Kreuk says she won’t return as Lana Lang in the final season

Kristin Kreuk she had a wonderful time playing the character of Lana Lang over the course of eight seasons of Smallville. But she didn’t return for the ninth and final season, which is a decision she ended up making.

Kreuk was asked to return, but she decided not to for a variety of reasons. Speaking at the Superman Celebration event in Metropolis, Illinois, last weekend, Kreuk explained: “I just wanted her to go off to an imaginary land.

“I wanted her to continue living the life she had gone to live, and I didn’t want to bring her back into the world. I really struggled with the whole love triangle thing and I just didn’t see how we were going to come back and add another closure to the story that wasn’t Clark and Lois.”

The actress continued, “I love that she was able to have her independence and find a path for herself that was tied to what she believed in, her moral compass, her values.

“I like that she was able to separate herself from these men. If the show had been a different show, would there have been a different ending? Maybe yes. But I like this. Because her stories were so connected to these men, it was so nice for her to honor herself.”

I think he made the right decision not to return for the final season of Smallville, he had to focus on Clark and Lois because they were the two who would end up together in the end.

Kreuk also spoke about how he disagrees with the suggestion that Lois “replaced” Lana on Smallville, saying, “I didn’t think that way. I never did.”

She continued: “I thought they were two different storylines, and I really struggle with the idea of ​​one woman replacing another woman, and I have difficulty with the idea that these women’s lives don’t continue, and aren’t full, beautiful lives .

“So, I don’t know if she’s replaced by someone else; I think her bond with Clark changes and she builds her own future. That’s how I saw it, anyway.”

I love Kreuk’s take on his character. It offers a very different perspective on things than what fans think and it’s quite refreshing. What do you think of these comments he made?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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