Update on Frank Miller’s new western comic SIN CITY SIN CITY: BLOOD AND DUST

Frank Miller is working on a new one City of Sin comic, and his story will be a western! The comic was announced in 2022 and is titled Sin City: Blood and Dust. The story will explore the origins of the Basin City setting as an old west settlement.

The update was shared during an interview with Miller and the documentarian Silen Thomas In Vanity Fair as they discussed the upcoming documentary film Frank Miller: American genius, which explores Miller’s career, his struggle with alcohol abuse and health problems. He also dives into his recovery and his return as a comic book creator.

Speaking about what Miller has planned for the future, Thomas shared that he’s working on the new Sin City story, saying, “The beauty of it is that you’re making a new book of City of Sin.”

Miller added: “Yes, it is new City of Sin – and it’s a western. We are at the beginning of the city. It will be nice.”

He went on to explain, “I was going to make a film set during World War II City of Sin it would have been called The Homefront. And I still might. Then I thought, ‘Why not take it back even further, to when they had just started Sin City?’

“It was like the legendary Dodge City, just a bunch of saloons and prostitutes and people walking through town. So I started playing with it and ended up drawing a picture of my boyfriend Marv with a mohawk and painting on his face. And that was the beginning.”

Speaking of Marv, his roots are… City of Sin we go back to the beginning and Miller explains that he is actually a descendant of the indigenous people who lived in the area where Basin City was settled.

Miller also offered an update on where he’s at in the process, saying, “I’ve got a bunch of pages planned out, and I’ve been doing pencil drawings, and I’ve been busy with this. It’s kind of my favorite project.”

Hopefully I finish it sooner rather than later. I liked Miller’s City of Sin stories and a story set in the old west sounds like a great time!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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