This 1979 Boba Fett STAR WARS action figure is the most valuable vintage toy in the world

Kenner’s rare 1979 Boba Fett action figure with “rocket launcher” action is the most valuable vintage toy in the world as Heritage Auctions announced that it sold in a recent auction for $525,000!

The reason this figure is so valuable is because it was never actually released to the public because the rocket was considered a choking hazard to children.

The only reason this figure is in the public domain is because someone at Kenner rescued it “from a box of discarded toys stored there for employees to take home.”

According to the press release: “Its price more than doubled the record for the most expensive Star Wars action figure sold at auction, held by a rocket-throwing Boba Fett which realized $236,000 in June 2022.”

Heritage also states that “this miniature Mandalorian also beat out a Barbie to become the most valuable vintage toy sold at auction.

“In 2010, a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll with a 1-carat diamond sold for $302,000. Her reign ended Friday thanks to a long bidding war that landed this Holy Grail in a collector’s hold.

You can check out the image below!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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