Andrew Garfield and Clair Foy to Star in Magical Family Adventure Film THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE

Andrea Garfield AND Claire Foy will be the protagonists of the next magical family adventure film The magical distant treeon which it is based By Enid Blyton Beloved series of children’s novels.

The magical distant tree follows Polly (Foy) and Tim (Garfield) and their children Beth, Joe and Fran, “a modern family who find themselves forced to move to the remote English countryside.

“Soon after the family arrives in the country, the children discover a magical tree and its extraordinary and eccentric inhabitants, including the precious characters Moonface, Silky, Dame Washalot and Saucepan Man.

“At the top of the tree, they are transported to spectacular and fantastical lands, and through the joys and challenges of their adventures, the family learns to reconnect and appreciate each other for the first time in years.”

The film’s screenplay was written by Simone Farnaby (Wonka AND Paddington2) and will be directed by Good Gregor (Britannia AND Cuckoo).

Farnady said in a statement: “Having two actors of the quality of Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy is a dream for any screenwriter. I have long admired their warmth, wit and lightness of touch.

He added: “Also they have the power to imbue complexities in their characters that I don’t have the power to write… I mean, even Enid Blyton might be impressed that we have Spider-Man and the Queen.”

Gregor added: “Andrew and Claire are exquisite performers and I feel truly honored to have them for this film. They are big-hearted pillars of our world and the perfect people to bring our lovely script to life.”

It looks like it will be a wonderful and uplifting film for audiences to enjoy. Neal Street Productions, Elysian Film Group and Ashland Hill Media Finance are producing the project.

Filming on the film will begin in June, with further casting currently underway. Garfield and Foy had previously starred together in the film Breathe.

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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