Don’t be ashamed of it: 10 best Russian TV series of the past 5 years

Don't be ashamed of it: 10 best Russian TV series of the past 5 years

Punish the official, solve the mystery of the hole and save the USSR.

For those who are disappointed with Russian cinema, it’s time to pay attention to television projects – here the creators have something to brag about. Comedy, crime, detective, adventure, for one or more seasons: the modern television screen is full of a variety of genres and stories.

This selection includes the 10 best domestic TV series of the past five years, which no viewer will regret:

One of the most unexpected shows on this list is “Inside Lapenko”. What the “Riddle of the Hole” hides, how to survive in “Die or Die” and why you should not mess with “Iron Sleeves” – a mini-series released on YouTube tells all about this. Anton Lapenko’s creation fascinated millions of Russians within a few days and spread in quotes. Fans praise not only the fascinating plot and the actor’s brilliant performance, but also the lack of vulgarity and cruelty.

What they didn’t expect on the federal channel was a story about a corrupt official who gets what he deserves. This is exactly what ‘House Arrest’ is about, and embodies every Russian’s favorite fantasy: how an arrested mayor suffers heavily in a cramped communal apartment, surrounded by ordinary people. The series received high marks from enthusiastic viewers for its fascinating plot and subtle humor.

The creators of the project “Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone” cannot be denied courage. The story about a group of teenagers in Pripyat in 1986 attracted hundreds of thousands of television viewers and kept them in suspense until the end credits. All because everyone wanted to know whether the heroes could prevent the tragedy and save the USSR.

Photo source: TNT, YouTube

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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