Marvel Studios is chasing anonymous social media seekers with their lawyers

Marvel Studios is not happy with anonymous scoops on social media that have revealed details about several of their upcoming films.

Apparently, many of these reported rumors are accurate, and Marvel has issued a DMCA subpoena to find out the identity of the person running a particular account.

While some of these relationships are hit and miss, there are so many that are doing things right that Marvel is trying to crack down on them.

One of the most popular right now is user X @CanWeGetSomeToast, who recently posted photos from the set Captain America: Brave New Worldand that seems to have been the breaking point for the Studio.

Matthew SlattofMarvel’s vice president of global security and content protection is leading the charge with the DMCA subpoena to have Instagram reveal the identity of the person running the @CanWeGetSomeToast social media account.

If Marvel could confirm the identity of the person running the account, it could find itself facing a significant lawsuit. If they can get this shovel down, they’ll send the others running up the hill. If Marvel is successful, Marvel is also likely to pursue other accounts.

Leaks and scoops are nothing new to Marvel movies as they have been happening since they launched, but I guess after all these years they are ready to react.

Not that it matters much, the enthusiasm for Marvel movies isn’t what it used to be. In any case, this latest move will significantly change the way scoops are reported in the future.

One thing’s for sure: we probably won’t be getting any new scoops from these social media sites anytime soon.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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