Wes Craven’s THE BREED is getting an ‘unconventional reinterpretation’

Wes Craventhe 2006 horror film The breeding is getting the remake treatment from directors Sean and Bryan Furst. It is explained that the film will be an “unconventional reimagining of Wes Craven’s cult classic”.

Grace Caroline Currey (Autumn, Shazam: Fury of the Gods, Annabelle: Creation) will star in the film and take on the role of Violet, “a rebellious and badass icon on a mission to find abandoned dogs on a remote island that leads to complete adrenaline-fueled terror.”

Craven produced The breeding and was directed by Nicola Mastandrea. The story takes place on a remote island where a group of five college friends decide to spend their holidays.

Their escape takes a terrifying turn when they discover they are not alone on the island. The group encounters a pack of genetically modified, very intelligent and aggressive dogs who begin to hunt them.

As the friends fight for survival, they must unravel the mystery of the dogs’ origins and find a way to escape the island’s deadly new inhabitants.

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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