The trailer for horror film THE HANGMAN sees a father battle a murderous cult and a demon

Dread has released the trailer for an upcoming horror film titled The Executioner which sees a father fight against a murderous cult and a bloodthirsty demon, to save his son kidnapped from hell during a camping trip.

The synopsis reads: “To mend their troubled relationship, a middle-aged door-to-door salesman, Leon (The Jon Woods), takes his teenage son camping deep in the rural Appalachians.

“They know little about the mountainous region’s sinister secrets. A local cult has summoned an evil demon born of hatred and pain, known as The Executioner, and now the bodies have begun to pile up.

“Leon wakes up in the morning to find that his son is missing. To find it, Leon will have to face the murderous sect and the bloodthirsty monster that is the Executioner.

The film comes from the director Bruce Wemple (Monstrous, Rise of the Beast), and shared in a statement:

“We decided to tell a story about everything a father is willing to do to get his son back, including coming face to face with a bloodthirsty demon resurrected from hell. We can’t wait for the public to come along for the ride.”

The film stars Lindsey Dresbach, Richard Lounello, Jefferson Cox, Daniel Martin Berkey and Mar Cellus.

The Hangman will have a limited theatrical release on May 31st before arriving on VOD on June 6th.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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