Andy Serkis will direct the film THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM for Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has announced that the upcoming live-action Lord of the Rings the film coming out in 2026 will be titled The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollumand will be directed by Andy Serkiswho will also star in the film.

The project is currently in early development with the original The Lord of the Rings director of the trilogy Peter Jackson and its partners Fran Walsh AND Filippa Boyens to produce.

The screenplay was written by Walsh and Boyens, together with Phoebe Gittins AND Arty Papageorgiou, and will “explore the storylines yet to be told.” This particular film will obviously focus on Gollum.

I assume this will be the story where Sauron’s forces are unleashed to hunt down and capture Gollum and gain information about the One Ring. Gollum is tortured mercilessly in the dungeons of Mordor, until, under duress, he tells Sauron’s servants that the Ring is held by “Baggins” in a place called “the Shire”.

Mike DeLuca AND Pam Abdy had negotiated a deal to make “multiple” films set in Middle-earth and said in a statement: “For over two decades, moviegoers have embraced the ‘Lord of the Rings’ film trilogy thanks to the undeniable devotion of Peter, Fran and Philippa have proven to protect the legacy of Tolkien’s works and ensure that audiences could experience the incredible world he created in a way that honors his literary vision.

They added: “We are honored that they have agreed to be our partners on these two new films. With Andy coming on board to direct The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollumwe continue an important commitment to excellence that is a true hallmark of how we all want to move forward and contribute further to the Lord of the Rings cinema history”.

Jackson, Walsh and Boyens shared: “It’s an honor and a privilege to return to Middle-earth with our good friend and collaborator, Andy Serkis, who has unfinished business with that Stinky Gollum!

“As lifelong fans of Professor Tolkien’s vast mythology, we are proud to work with Mike De Luca, Pam Abdy and the entire team at Warner Bros. on another epic adventure!”

Serkis said, “Yes, Precious. The time has come once again to venture into the unknown with my dear friends, the extraordinary and incomparable guardians of Middle-earth Peter, Fran and Philippa. With Mike and Pam and the Warner Bros. team also researching, along with WETA and our filmmaking family in New Zealand, it’s just all delicious…”

While Serkis is fantastic as Gollum, I’m not particularly impressed with his direction. The movies he made, like Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, aren’t all that good. Maybe Jackson will be able to help and guide him as he directs the next Lord of the Rings movie.

The film will also be produced by Ken Kamins, with Serkis and The Imaginarium’s Jonathan Cavendish.

What do you think about Andy Serkis directing and starring in the upcoming live-action? Lord of the Rings movie?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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