Fun poster for weird science created by artist Brett Parson

Here’s a fun art print for John Hughes’ classic comedy from 1985 Strange science. When I rewatched this movie as an adult, there was so much I had forgotten about!

This movie is so wild and the comedy is so 80’s. This movie wouldn’t take off in today’s society. The film follows high school nerds Gary and Wyatt, who attempt to create the perfect woman through a homemade computer experiment.

Their creation, Lisa, is an extraordinary, intelligent woman with supernatural powers. Lisa helps transform the kids from social outcasts to the coolest kids in school, guiding them through a series of wild and outrageous adventures.

The poster is titled “Lisa” and is available for purchase on Hero Complex Gallery. It’s a 16×24 print that you can get for $45.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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