Spirit Halloween’s new 2024 collectibles and Animatronics include MARS ATTACKS! Ray rifle

We’re halfway to Halloween and Spirit Halloween is revealing some of its new collectibles and animatronics for Halloween fans!

Animatronics arriving in 2024 include a nightmarish new clown who terrorizes children and a zombie with a rat burrowing into his skull.

Collectibles include a new figurine called the Nightmare Harvester Statue in honor of one of their famous mascots and also a cool life-size replica of a ray gun from the 1996 Tim Burton film. Mars attacks!.

These are all available now through the official Spirit Halloween website.

Mars Attacks Atomic Ray Gun Poster

The Martians are back to cause total chaos this Halloween! Did we mention they’re armed? Get ready for the Martian invasion this Halloween by wearing this officially licensed Mars attacks! Atomic ray gun.

This atomic ray gun is just like the one the Martians use to vaporize all humans who stand in the way of global destruction. You’ll be equipped to survive any Martian attack once you get your hands on it. Using the included refillable water tank, you can refill your weapon of destruction whenever you run low on power.

Featuring intergalactic sounds along with a blue LED lighted barrel and a green LED lighted nozzle that shoots real fog mist when turned on, this officially licensed fog gun is perfect for fans to show off their fandom Mars attacks! this Halloween.

Statue of the Nightmare Reaper

The Nightmare Harvester broke free from its roots in 2018, with towering trunks coming to life. He wanders the fields looking for sweet, sticky souls to trap in his cursed jack-o’-lantern.

Those souls help him get home, so if he gets you before the harvest moon, you’ll end up with a one-way ticket to hell. Standing 6 inches tall, the Nightmare Harvester is a must-have for Spirit Halloween fans.

Crafted from resin and hand painted with frighteningly good detail, add this to your collection today to show your love for Spirit.

6.3 foot Rick Ratman animatronic

It all started with a subway mouse and a slice of leftover pizza. Rick never understood what drove passengers to run away in terror every time a mouse crossed their path. He works late at a 24-hour pizzeria and always goes out of his way to feed the little creatures leftovers.

After falling asleep on a midnight train, Rick felt a sharp pain radiating from his head to his chest, as if he had been pushed through a meat grinder and then chopped on a grater. His rat friends had decided that his body odor of peppers and anchovies was too good to pass up.

Once they began gnawing on his skin, they found the taste of his warm blood and organs even more enticing. Now his daily commute is accompanied by a craving for food thrown into bins and a strong desire to linger near sewer grates. I hope your guests don’t have a rat phobia once you put Rick Ratman on display!

Standing 6.3 feet tall, this rat-infested zombie animatronic will give your guests total chills once he comes to life with his torso moving from side to side. Be careful, stand too close and you might become part of the little critters’ next snack this Halloween.

7 foot Clown around Animatronic

No one thought that calling babysitting service AAA Big Top would end up like this. Next time, if the kids ever let you lose sight of them again, be sure to tell them not to send in a 7-foot tall evil clown, even if he’s just trying to make some extra money with a new side hustle.

In any case, we bet that your children will have a completely new attitude towards the circus! This Clowning Around Animatronic takes playtime to a whole new level with his waist and head that swivels from side to side, along with his glowing eyes and moving mouth. Scream in terror as you watch him shake his victims up and down each arm!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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