STAR WARS: HUNTERS video game launch trailer

NaturalMotion has released the launch trailer for the upcoming Star Wars game Star Wars: Hunters. This is a free-to-play third-person competitive arena fighting game.

Players will compete in iconic locations from the Star Wars universe as hunters who can be customized as new characters or legendary icons such as bounty hunters, heroes of the rebellion, Imperial stormtroopers and more.

In the game, “Join the greatest hunters from across the Star Wars galaxy on the planet Vespaara, where high-stakes competitions await them in the Arena. Engage in thrilling third-person combat to dominate large battlefields set across a series of adventurous maps that evoke the iconic worlds of Star Wars.

“Mix and match teams, use skills, tactics and customize your hunters to find a winning strategy and collect the spoils of victory in the all-new free-to-play game.

The teams get ready, the show is about to start, shouts of joy can be heard from the chairs. Meet the fighters, discover their unique fighting style and discover their unique abilities in exciting 4v4 team battles.

“Explore dynamic maps inspired by iconic Star Wars locations, unleash their best combat strategy and prepare to thrill the Arena and achieve glory.”

Here’s a breakdown of each of the game’s new characters:

  • Imara Vex, a mysterious, masked bounty hunter seen launching a barrage of rockets.

  • Grozz, a ferocious Wookiee who can rip a boulder from the floor to swing at enemies.

  • J-3DI, a droid who believes himself to be a Jedi and uses a deadly spinning lightsaber move.

  • Sentinel, an Imperial heavy gunship requiring reinforcements.

  • Slingshot, a combination of droideka and Ugnaught that makes good use of a shield.

  • Rieve, a lightsaber-wielding (and throwing) dark side warrior.

  • Zaina, a rebellious heroine who cheers for her team.

  • Utooni, a pair of Jawa brothers who stand on each other’s shoulders to cause chaos, with the ability to quickly assemble a scrap cannon.

Star Wars: Hunters will be released on June 4th for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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