Mystery Marvel Project, produced by Scarlett Johansson, will reportedly be a series coming to Disney+

Back when Scarlett Johansson’S Black Widow Origin Story was released in 2021, many theaters were still closed, or at least at very limited capacity as the Covid pandemic was still in full swing.

This negatively impacted the actress’s contractual reduction of the film’s theatrical revenues, agreed to in her contract with the Disney-owned company, and she took legal action. In addition to winning her fair share of money in the deal, Johansson also agreed to produce a new project for Marvel Studios.

There’s been no word since then, but recently Nexus Point News (via ComicBook) spotted an update on Courtney Baker’s LinkedIn page revealing that the Marvel Studios creative exec “will serve as executive on the Scarlett Johansson series’ upcoming Untitled television project “. for Disney+.”

Marvel Studios has confirmed that “we are doing a project with Scarlett.” The wonders premiere but declined to elaborate further.

Johansson said during the City of asteroids junket last June:

“It’s still happening. YES. It’s still happening [but] not at the moment because nothing is happening at the moment. We’re all in this holding pattern as we wait out the writers’ strike and potentially our guild strike, and so on. Right before the strike, we were in the middle of its development, and now everything is on a slow burn.”

Before that, the actress reiterated that she was done playing Black Widow.

“Yes, I’m sad, obviously. I’ve absolutely loved every movie experience I’ve had, working for 10 years with Marvel and with that amazing cast, and I love the character of Natasha. I have a lot of empathy for her, and it’s been amazing.” to build that character over such a long period of time, and I feel really good about her story coming to an end, I think she has a lot of dignity in her legacy.

Would you like to see a new series set in the world of Black Widow? If not, what kind of series would you like to see Johansson as a consultant for?

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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