Leonardo DiCaprio will play Frank Sinatra in a biopic with Jennifer Lawrence and director Martin Scorsese

Leonardo Dicaprio AND Jennifer Lawrence will be the protagonists of a new biopic about Frank Sinatra directed by Martin Scorsese.

DiCaprio will take over Sinatra’s role in the film and Lawrence will play his second wife, actress Ava Gardner. It was Gardner who broke up Sinatra’s marriage to Nancy Barbato, Tina’s mother.

Scorsese will make his own Sinatra movie after finishing his next project about Jesus. But the director has yet to reach a deal with Sinatra’s estate to get the rights to an official biopic. Scorsese is said to be quite confident that he will get their blessing.

Tina Sinatra, who controls her family’s estate, is the daughter of Sinatra and his first wife.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of interest in this project from Hollywood studios and Sony Pictures is said to be the favorite to land the project.

Last year, Marvel Eternals star Richard Madden has expressed his interest in playing Sinatra in a biopic. She said, “I think there’s a Frank Sinatra story somewhere that I would really like to do.”

He added: “I think there are some years younger and some years older, and a little bit of both. She has a fascinating life story. So who knows? If something like that were to happen, I’d probably go after him.”

There is a lot of talent involved in this project and it will be interesting to see how it turns out. With Scorsese at the helm, there’s no doubt we’ll have a great Sinatra movie!

What do you think about DiCaprio playing Sinatra?

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by Joey Paur
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