Trailer for the dark comedy thriller LAROY starring Steve Zahn and John Magaro

Vertigo has released a trailer for its upcoming dark comedy-thriller, LaRoypreviously titled LaRoy, Texas. The film is the protagonist Giovanni Magaro (Past lives) as Ray Jepsen, “a humble hardware store co-owner who still can’t believe he got to marry local beauty queen Stacy-Lynn. When his private investigator friend, Skip (Steve Zahn), reveals to Ray that Stacy-Lynn is having an affair, Ray decides to kill himself.

Ray “gets a gun and goes to the parking lot of a seedy motel to carry out the murder, but before he can pull the trigger, he is mistaken by a stranger for a low-rent hitman (a sinister Dylan Baker) and was given an envelope full of cash and an address. Desperate to regain the respect of himself and his wife, Ray decides to take the job, but soon regrets having just killed himself.

This film marks the directorial debut of Shane Atkinson, and it looks like a good and fun movie! He is also the protagonist Megan Stevenson (Take Shorty), Matteo Del Negro (Scandal) AND Brad Leland (Deep water horizon).

The film will arrive on all major digital platforms in the UK on 12 April.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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