POPEYE is getting a live-action feature film from SOPRANOS writer Michael Caleo

The iconic Popeye The Sailor Man is getting a new big-budget live-action feature film thanks to Chernin Entertainment and King Features. It was also announced that the film will be written by the screenwriter Michele Caleo (The Sopranos, The Sexy Beast, The Family).

The legendary spinach eater with the giant forearms first appeared in comics in 1929, but I grew up watching the classic Popeye cartoons. Then. of course there was the 1980 film adaptation starring Robin Williams AND Shelley Duvall like olive oil. Roberto Altmann he directed that classic film, which is worth watching if you’ve never seen it!

Popeye actually celebrated his 95th anniversary this year! Popeye was created by Elzie Crisler Segar and the character is depicted as a muscular sailor with a distinctive squint and a corncob pipe. Popeye’s adventures typically revolve around his love interest, Olive Oyl, and his ongoing rivalry with the brutal Bluto.

Popeye is also known for his kindness and sense of justice, often using his superhuman strength, fueled by spinach, to overcome obstacles and protect those he cares about. His catchphrases include: “I am what I am” and “I’ve had all I can take, and I can’t take it anymore!”

It will be interesting to see the creative team they assemble for this film and I’m especially curious to see who will be cast as Popeye. Is there any actor you’d like to see play him?

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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