Blumhouse begins filming WOLF MAN for Universal Pictures

Blumhouse has officially begun production on the Universal Monster film The Wolf Man. Producer Jason Blum recently shared a photo of the director Leigh Whannell (Invisible Man) on the first day of filming, which you can check out below.

Christopher Abbott AND Giulia Garner are protagonists of the film, which features a screenplay written by Whannell and Corbett Tuck as well as Lauren Schuker Blum AND Rebecca Angelothe latter duo had already written the comedy drama Stupid money.

Ryan Gosling he had previously been cast in the film but ended up dropping out. However, he is still on board as an executive producer. Derek Cianfrance (The place Beyond the Pines) was also set to direct the film before Whannell came on board.

No story details were shared, but when Gosling and Cianfrance were involved, the film was said to be about a TV host who becomes infected with a lycanthropic curse. The tone of that version has been compared to films like Nightcrawler AND Net. I have no idea if Whannell’s film will tell the same story.

The Wolf Man will be released on October 25, 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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