Cillian Murphy as James Bond? Pierce Brosnan says he would be “magnificent” in the role

The producers of James Bond are currently trying to figure out how to proceed with the iconic film franchise after the great success they’ve had Daniel Craig. One of the hardest parts for them is figuring out who they will choose as the next version of 007.

Many names have been thrown around by fans who they would like to see in the role, and now former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan rejected his suggestion for the role… Cilian Murphy.

In an interview with the BBC at the Oscar Wilde Awards in Los Angeles, Murphy was honored and Brosnan said he thought “Cillian would have done a magnificent job as James Bond”.

However, Murphy doesn’t appear to have a chance. When asked about it, the actor replied, “I think I’m a little old for this.” Murphy is 47 years old and if the producers wanted to cast a younger actor in the role, then yes, Murphy couldn’t do it.

The funny thing is that several years ago Brosnan said this Tom Hardy should be the next James Bond. He explained: “Daniel Craig was an incredible Bond. He is very physical, he seems lethal. Do you sincerely believe that this is someone who could kill a man… I think Tom Hardy would make a good Bond. I’d be happy to see him do it. You need an actor who can give some movement – ​​that’s what makes Bond.”

Regardless of age, though, do you think Murphy could pull off playing James Bond? Is Brosnan right about him?

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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