The director of GODZILLA MINUS ONE talks about the film’s extraordinary visual effects work and confirms the budget

Godzilla minus one it earned an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects and fans are rooting for the film to win it, especially considering how impressive the VFX work was on such a low budget.

Director Takashi Yamazaki recently talked about the visual effects work in an interview with the LA Times, and begins by detailing the approach to this new design for Godzilla, saying:

“We wanted to make Godzilla very, very beautiful for this film. The head is smaller, the legs are very thick. When his feet hit the ground, you can almost see the toes raised, like those of a wild animal. . And we wanted to have a impact on the audience, so there’s an intense level of getting up close and personal and detailed that you can’t really do with a man in a suit.”

Yamazaki went on to confirm that the film’s budget was between $10 and $15 million, which is pretty incredible considering how good the film is. The director added:

“In terms of polygon count, we’re talking about the millions that went into creating Godzilla this time. In terms of skin texture, there was a dinosaur origin, but when he gets hurt, there’s a regeneration and there’s a different texture, as you would.” see on any wound. We wanted a mix, introduced new layers that would make the look truly unique.”

The director went on to talk about how Godzilla’s first appearance influenced his appearance in the latest film:

“We wanted to go back to the original reason for Godzilla’s existence. The creature is a metaphor for nuclear weapons, so we mimicked how a weapon would work inside his body. Each element would come together and create an implosion, and that’s when the blue rays would come out.”

Yamazaki then talked about how the crew used older techniques to create scenes of destruction and save costs:

“We had a matte artist make a 2-D with some motion. Once we found out that that switch actually worked, we thought, ‘Oh my God, we spent so much time with CG that we couldn’t do that ‘.take it, but now we have this really cool trick to get the mushroom clouds in!”

The film is set in the days following the end of World War II, as Japan is recovering from the devastation left by the war. The emotional toll has brought the country to its lowest point. The story follows failed kamikaze pilot Kiochi (Ryunosuke Kamiki) and Noriko (Minami Hamabe), a woman forced to become homeless, taking care of an abandoned child. During this low point Godzilla marches towards shore, dragging Japan even deeper into chaos and devastation.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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