Todd McFarlane says he will make his film SPAWN independently if Blumhouse can’t make it work this year

To produce Creator Todd McFarlane has offered another update on its long-gestating big screen adaptation To produce. McFarlane has been working with Blumhouse on this project for years, but if Blumhouse can’t make the film this year, McFarlane is ready to move forward with the project independently.

While talking to CB, the creator of To produce She said:

“Something has to happen. Something will happen. I just know myself, something will happen because if I can’t figure it out inside [the Hollywood system]I’ll understand [independently]. I only know myself. But hopefully we can find an agreement that keeps all parties involved involved over the years.

“2024 is still going to be my turning point, right? Either I’m going to give Hollywood the best chance to make it, and if not, I’m going to have a lot of outside investors waiting.

“So, I’m trying to see if we can get the right deal within the norms of the Hollywood structure. If not, there have been a lot of examples, actually, a couple of big ones in the last year, where people have walked out of normal channels. and I succeeded. People have already done the same with independent films: you make your film and you just find a distributor. That, I could do in a heartbeat.”

I’m pretty sure if Blumhouse can’t do it To produce from the ground, McFarlane will have to try to do it independently. Unless he invests his money to finance it himself, it will take him another ten years to make the film.

As you know, audiences are in a state of superhero fatigue right now, and with superhero comic book movies struggling at the box office, I can understand why investors might be wary of a Spawn movie. at the same time, this movie will have a much lower budget than the other movies that Marvel and DC are making, so there is a higher chance that it will make a big profit. Also, Spawn is very different from other films. McFarlane has previously spoken about Superhero Fatigue, saying:

“I think there are a couple of things. The quality of any film, of any genre [is important]. People say, “I can’t sell a Western movie.” Of course you can. You can’t sell a bad western movie. And then your marketing. If you put it at a bad time against 10 other movies that people want to see, it’s going to get buried, right? So you get it. And then just to gauge whether people are in the mood for that genre more than another. Sometimes romantic comedies become sort of the theme of the month for a while or whatever.

“But I put superhero movies in the same category as action movies. They’re just action movies and action movies have been around forever, right? Van Damm. Schwarzenegger. Stallion. Seagal. This is just an extension of it. So yeah, at some point, if some of those action movies got cheesy and went down the well too often, we’d move on. But then all of a sudden, you know, The Matrix or some other new movie comes along and we’re like, “Oh my God, there it is.” So someone will understand it. I mean, again, I don’t think so [there’s superhero fatigue]. It’s like saying too many baseball games have been played and we have baseball fatigue. No. Just give me a good team I can root for and make it worth my money and I’ll come.

THE To produce the creator continued, “It will be innovative and original compared to other superhero films. It’s definitely going to feel like the Blumhouse version of a superhero movie.”

Producer Jason Blum has said that Spawn will be released in 2025, so production on the film will have to begin this year. Over the years several drafts of a screenplay have been written, the most recent version was developed by Scott Silver, Malcolm SpellmanAND Matteo Mixon. Blumhouse promised McFarlane that he will read the full script this month.

The film was previously described as “Spawn meets David Fincher” and a “bloody” and “dirty thing”. Speaking previously about his take on the story, McFarlane explained: “There are two important roles in the script. There’s obviously kind of Spawn himself, although in a strange way he’s not the most important role, and then there “He’s the cop. The cop is this Twitch character that’s been there since issue 1. Twitch is the role in that, and I kind of refer to him as my Sheriff Brody, who’s the sheriff in the movie Jaws. Although it was called Jaws, Jaws didn’t really talk much in his movie, right? It just came at the right time to make the movie worthwhile.”

McFarlane previously confirmed that the film will be rated R and that the script he wrote is “scary and “badass.” He described Spawn as the Jaws of the film, saying: “The world will be real, except for one thing that happens . move. You’ll never see a guy in a rubber suit… This will be my Jaws shark.”

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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