The singer’s masked anteater turned out to be a rock icon: what made him ‘really scared’ on stage

The singer’s masked anteater turned out to be a rock icon: what made him ‘really scared’ on stage

John Oates

Hall and Oates member John Oates was unmasked during the December 13 episode of The Masked Singer. The “Maneater” musician sang “Johnny B Goode.” Chuck Berry before its elimination. John, 75, was part of a double elimination, with Keyshia Cole revealed as the lampstand. Hollywood life spoke exclusively with John about how it turned out The Masked Singer.

“I was asked to do it and I had a gap in my touring schedule,” John said. “I loved going to Los Angeles. I thought it was an excuse to go out with some friends and put on a cool show. I didn’t really know what to expect, so I wanted to find out. We had a few meetings and the people were friendly. Honestly. I didn’t like the Anteater’s costume when I first saw the drawings of him, but then I realized that maybe it was a subtle nod to “Maneater”. I thought, what the hell, I’ll do it.

The guitarist pointed out that he was actually the protagonist a few seasons ago when Hayley Orrantia competed The Masked Singer as master of ceremonies. “He asked me to be one of his protagonists, so I started watching the show when he asked me to,” he added. “I thought it was an incredible show. I mean, any show that’s been on television for 10 seasons with the audience that it has is incredibly huge. I thought if I did a show like this, I’ll have the opportunity to talk about a lot of other things that I’m doing, so people will know that I have a completely different life. I do a lot of charity work, release new music and all that kind of stuff. There was a little ulterior motive involved.”

John Oates
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John has been acting for decades, but he wasn’t fully prepared to do so The Masked Singer experience. She admitted that she didn’t realize “how difficult it was to sing in that costume and do the choreography when I couldn’t see out of the costume. It was crazy because I had to count the steps to cross the stage. In fact, he couldn’t see where she was going. There were times when I thought I was going to fall off the stage. “That was the hardest part.”

The musician explained that the rehearsals were totally different from when he performed in front of the cameras. “There are strobe lights and confetti coming out of the ceiling, people screaming,” he said. “The audience is very loud. And then I couldn’t see, so I had to count my steps. “I was too scared to get off the stage.”

He continued: “The good thing is that the production and the people involved were fantastic and amazing. Everyone was super professional. They acted together. Everything worked like clockwork. There wasn’t much downtime. “You went out, did your part and it was great.”

During your career The Masked Singer John sang a version of “I Want It That Way”. Backstreet kids. John admitted that music wasn’t really his passion as a singer. However, it was a good challenge for me to figure out how I could make it my own, but without ruining the original good vibe of that song.”

John Oates
John Oates as the Anteater. (FOX)

The Pennsylvania native released a new single called “Get Your Smile On” and revealed the inspiration behind the song. “It’s a song I wrote during COVID when I was really trying to write something positive,” he said. Hollywood life. “I didn’t leave the house, so I didn’t go to the recording studio. I made the whole song on my laptop. I recorded all the instruments and sang all the vocals. I was thinking, well, it’s a nice demo I made at home and one day maybe I’ll go to a recording studio and make a real record with it. But the more I listened to it, it sounded really good. Recordings are a moment in time. They capture a moment in time. You remember where you were, the people you worked with in the studio. For this song, I thought, it’s like a moment in time. It was when I was stuck at home. It’s COVID. But it’s still super positive.

He added: “We have partnered with Teen Cancer America and will donate all proceeds from song downloads to Teen Cancer America. It’s a great organization with Roger Dal Trey. “I’m happy to be able to release a song like this that is super positive.” For John, charity work is extremely important at this stage of his life. “I think when you get to a certain point in your career it’s important to be aware of it and do it. “I’m totally in favor,” he said. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on FOX.

Source: Hollywood Life

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