Eddie Murphy’s BEVERLY HILLS COP Teaser Trailer: AXEL F

Eddie Murphy’s BEVERLY HILLS COP Teaser Trailer: AXEL F

After sharing a poster for Eddie Murphyit’s the long awaited comedy, Beverly Hills Cop 4Netflix has released the first teaser trailer and also revealed the film’s official title Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. It looks like the film will provide a great time for fans of the franchise and it’s a lot of fun to see Murphy return to this role after thirty years, and bring back that delightful charm.

The synopsis reads: “Detective Axel Foley is back in business in Beverly Hills. After her daughter’s life is threatened, she and Foley team up with a new partner and old friends Billy Rosewood and John Taggart to raise the temperature and uncover a conspiracy.

Taylor Paige plays the daughter of Foley’s criminal defense lawyer, who drags her father into a California-based case, where he will cause trouble for Kevin Baconis the officer of the LAPD’s special unit and teams up with a new partner, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

THE Jerry Bruckheimer-the film produced is directed by Marco Molloy. Murphy also joins him Taylor Paige, Judge Reinhold, Paolo Reiser, Bronson Pinchotand more.

Bruckheimer goes on to say that the pair make a strong comedic combination. “He gets stuck with Axel and they are hysterical together. Joseph is a great straight man for Eddie. The producer goes on to talk about the tone of the film, saying, “It’s about emotions. No matter how funny it is, how much action it has, it’s all about the heartstrings.

I’m excited about this movie and I really hope that Murphy can carry over the comedy and that fun, high energy feel of the first movie.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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