James Wan is looking to return to horror after AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM

Fan favorite director James Wan, celebrated for its wide range of films, is no stranger to the horror genre. After successfully directing the DC superhero show Aquaman and prepare for what follows, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Wan feels the pull of the horror genre once again. In a recent interview with Collider, she shared her thoughts on returning to the realm of horror and how she balances her love for both small and big screen projects. He said:

“You know, I have a tendency to want to go back and forth. So every time I do a smaller movie, I want to go and do a big movie. Every time I do a big one, I’m like, ‘Oh, I want to go and do a smaller movie,’ and when I do my smaller movies, it tends to be a horror movie. So, you know, I feel like the itch for horror is potentially calling, but we’ll see.

This quote is exciting because, as a fan of Wan and his horror films, I was anticipating what chilling creations Wan might have in store for us next.

James Wan is synonymous with modern horror classics. His directorial debut, Saw, took the world by storm and birthed a new era of horror. With later hits like Insidious AND The evocation, both of which launched franchises, cemented his reputation as a master of the genre. Wan’s ability to create atmospheric and suspenseful tales of terror has earned him a devoted following of horror film fans.

Wan has a great knack for storytelling and seems to have a knack for moving from big-budget blockbusters to low-budget, character-driven, intimate horror films. While his Aquaman films showcased his talent for epic, visually stunning storytelling, his horror films are much more intimate and character-driven, and tend to be much stronger stories.

While Wan hasn’t yet confirmed any specific projects, nor his claim that he has an “itch for horror,” it’s safe to assume that whatever he has in store will be both chilling and innovative. Wan has a knack for reinventing horror clichés, and I’m excited to see how he might push the boundaries of the genre in his next outing.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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