Add Katy Perry non-alcoholic sparkling wine to your Christmas range

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If you’re looking for a fun new soft drink to try, Katy Perry he co-founded a non-alcoholic brand called De Soi and Très Rosé. It’s a delicious flavor with tart notes of raspberry and rooibos, making it a mix of fruity and floral. De Soi Très Rosé by Katy Perry It would be a perfect drink to have on your guests’ table if they are not looking for alcohol, so if you are looking for something to drink during the day, or even if you want to add alcohol to the drink to prepare it. a delicious mixed drink – it’s so good!

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Katy created De Soi with Morgan McLachlan to “make a more thoughtful choice for happy hour,” according to their website. They wanted to create a bubbly, delicious drink without having to deal with the consequences of alcohol, such as headaches, hangovers, etc. Additionally, these drinks contain many beneficial ingredients such as lion’s mane, which can improve brain health and cognition, saffron, which promotes relaxation and improves mood, and L-theanine, which promotes calm. All the ingredients together will also create a feeling of mood enhancement without the need for alcohol.

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Lastly, it’s only 35 calories per can! Many customers have also had positive experiences with the drink. “I’ve tried many different types of soft drinks, but few are comparable. I love rosé sparkling wine and this gives me the vibe I’m looking for. Excellent aromas, delicate sweetness, effervescence and pleasant color,” shared one customer. “It contains champagne vinegar, so it gives you kombucha, but you don’t care. This is a good substitute for wine. I’m happy I tried it, especially because I’m trying to reduce my alcohol consumption.

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