Marvel reportedly cut a line from THE MARVELS confirming the relationship between Captain Marvel and Valkyrie

New details have emerged regarding some elements of the plot of The wonders which was ultimately cut from the film. One involves Kamala Khan being tortured by the villain Dar-Benn and the other involves a line confirming that Captain Marvel and Valkyrie had a past relationship.

This information comes from an insider We can get some toast and confirms the fan theory that Captain Marvel and Valkyrie were once in a relationship. There’s a scene in the movie where Captain Marvel asks Valkyrie for help and there’s a line of dialogue that was cut from that scene where one of them says to the other, “We work better as friends.” Marvel and Disney obviously felt the line didn’t work and would open up a whole big thing that would never be explored in the MCU since it had happened in the past. Regardless, fans seem to pick up on the clues in the scene without that line of dialogue.

The report also shared other plot elements cut from the film, including how “Kamala failed to remove her bracelet and was imprisoned/tortured by Dar-Benn.”

It was also explained that “Prince Yan was supposed to give each of the Marvels a new outfit, right before gathering his army. Monica had her comedic wings at first, but it was too much for her, so she tore them off.

The latest is that “Kamala’s new suit originally morphed into a spacesuit, which would be used to join Carol and Monica in closing the rift in space-time TOGETHER.”

These are all interesting little things that were changed in the story, but I don’t think any of them would have made the movie better or worse. It also wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the very low box office numbers. The film’s box office dropped 75% in its second week.

It’s really crazy because this movie is so funny! The wonders it’s certainly not the worst movie in the MCU, but obviously audiences aren’t interested in these characters.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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