Holiday 2023 gift guide for the geeks in your life

Tis the season to buy cool things for your loved ones. With companies rolling out Black Friday deals and the like, I’ve compiled a list of geeky goodness for the geeks in your life to consider. It’s important to note that most, if not all, of the links below are affiliate links allowing you to support us here at GeekTyrant while you shop.

Toys and collectibles

For anime fans and beyond, Premium Bandai offers tons of incredible collectibles. Many of them are pre-order items and range from things like a set of Digimon TCG gadgets or the beautiful MG 1/100 Tallgees Fluegel EW or even an adorable little Anya figure from Spy Family. They also have items in stock such as an original Rainbow Tamagotchi, a Kabuto Zecter DX Belt, and posket figures including Sailor Moon.

If you prefer Netflix shows like Stranger Things, there are plenty of goodies to purchase in the Netflix Store. There are lots of cool things like Stranger Things Hot Sauce Trio, Castlevania Nocturne t-shirts, a Geralt from The witcherand more.

Of course, GameStop has also become a hub for collectibles. From the beloved Funko like Dr. Ian Malcolm to the Death Watch helmet The Mandalorian or even a Yellow Ranger Power Morpher. They also have clothes like cute Animal Crossing socks or a Jigglypuff hat. There are many different types of merchandise to purchase for your loved ones at GameStop.

There is also one of the toy giants: LEGO. There is so much to offer from LEGO that it is difficult to point out anything specific. However, there is the Coruscant Guard Gunship Star Wars fans, The Office for fans of the beloved sitcom, some adorable winter polar bears, and so much more!

Play equipment

If you or a loved one is a gamer, there are several paths you can take. For Xbox and PC gamers, Microsoft has some things to enjoy. First, you can always buy an Xbox Series They also offer console wraps to make your Series tons of games for a monthly subscription.

Also, you can go to PowerA for more gaming accessories. I personally love the Nintendo Switch controller charging dock (you can use the Pro controller charging portion for any USB-C controller like an Xbox controller with a rechargeable battery). They also offer RGB LED light strips, cool Nintendo Switch controllers like this wired Gamecube-style one, and a wired Sonic for the Xbox Series X|S. I’ve liked the PowerA controllers I’ve used in the past.

For more gaming gear, you can once again check out GameStop. They offer all current generation consoles, including the PS5 and Nintendo Switch. They also have controllers, Switch travel cases like this HORI with Peach, gaming headsets like the EPOS H6PRO in Racing Green, or expandable storage like the Seagate 4TB External Game Drive for PS4.


Of course, if your loved one is a gamer, they would probably want to buy some games! There are plenty of places to purchase said games. If they’re like me and appreciate physical copies, GameStop is a great option. Sometimes you can also find used copies to save some money. I know I had a great time Super Mario Bros. Wonder on Nintendo Switch and many others will too. PS5 players are speaking Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and I’m jealous! Meanwhile, many Xbox players love it Star field.

If digital games are the way to go for your loved one, there are a few ways to go. There are official stores for each platform, including Xbox via Microsoft, but you can also purchase many games for PC and other platforms via the Humble Store. Additionally, Ubisoft offers its games directly through its store, including recently released ones Assassin’s Creed Mirage or even classic favorites like Heroes of Strength and Magic II! In fact, Ubisoft is hosting Black Friday sales from 11/16 to 11/29 where you can save up to 85% on selected titles.

TTRPG goodies

Finally, I would feel remiss if we didn’t touch on the goodies of tabletop RPGs. For all yours Dungeons & Dragons needs, I would check out DMs Guild. There is tons of community created content that is amazing like Special potionsbut there’s also a plethora of official Wizards of the Coast content, including the Player’s Handbook for the very first edition of D&D! If you’re looking for something else, DriveThruRPG has other systems like AGE of imagination, Power Rangers RPGand tons of community-created content for almost every tabletop RPG.

by Tommy Williams
Source: Geek Tyrant

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