AFRO SAMURAI creator’s new STAR WARS: VISIONS comic will explore Ronin’s Sith origins

Marvel Comics recently announced something new Star Wars comic book series that will expand on the Star Wars: Visions story line. These are one-shot comics that will give creators a chance to play Star Wars telling stories in interesting and unique ways, with their own individual styles and elements of their cultures and backgrounds.

Momoko fishing will kick things off in November with Star Wars: Visions – Peach Momoko #1“the issue will be the first in a new series of stories from comic book creators untethered from previous Star Wars storytelling, very much in the spirit of Lucasfilm’s animated anthology of the same name.”

It was also announced that the manga artist Takashi Okazakithe creator of Afro Samurai, will also be able to tell his Star Wars story Star Wars: Visions – Takashi Okazaki #1.

His Star Wars story will focus on the mysterious Ronin, a character he previously introduced in the studios’ acclaimed episode Kamikaze Douga. Star Wars: Visions animated series “The Duel” and the character was also revisited in last year’s Star Wars: Visions Comedy one-shot number 1.

Set in a world inspired by feudal Japan, Ronin’s adventures are influenced by samurai films and told mostly in bold black and white, resulting in a transcendent atmosphere. Star Wars experience. With this new story of Ronin, it’s time to shed light on the enigmatic warrior’s dark past and further explore his powerful connection to the Force.

The new story will focus on the Ronin’s ancient history and his Sith origins. publisher Danny Khazem said in a statement: “The Ronin is a truly unique character, but one that still feels at home in the Star Wars galaxy. He’s been one of the fan-favorite characters from the Disney+ series, and now Takashi has the chance to expand.” about the history of the Ronin here. We are all blown away by the work he has done and this issue is no exception – the action and intrigue packed into this one-shot is astounding!”

You can check out Takashi Okazaki Star Wars: Visions – Takashi Okazaki #1 cover below ahead of its release next January.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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