Korean crime action webtoon KNUCKLE GIRL is getting a film adaptation from Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios is developing a film adaptation of the Korean crime action webtoon Knuckle girland the production is structured as a co-venture between Korea and Japan.

The story revolves around “a promising boxer, Ran, who faces school bullies and participates in illegal fights. When her sister is kidnapped by a criminal gang, Ran must risk her life by breaking into the underworld wearing brass knuckles instead of boxing gloves.

The film is directed by Chang. Yes, the Korean director has one name and has already directed the 2014 film The Target. The project is entrusted to Japanese actress Miyoshi Iyaka, already the protagonist of the 2010 film Confessionand is also the protagonist of Netflix’s Japanese dystopian thriller Alice in the Borderland. She underwent six months of combat training to prepare for this role.

Chang said in a statement: “This is a global project involving a writer, Japanese actors and a global OTT, and the emotional story, sensual direction and passionate performances of the actors will allow you to experience a richness of different entertainment.” come on webtoons.”

An Amazon Studios spokesperson said: “This is the first live-action adaptation of an original webcomic and our first Japanese-Korean collaboration.”

Knuckle girl was created by Jeong Sang Young, and was first published in 2014 on KakaoPage, a webtoon platform owned by Kakao Entertainment, part of the Korean entertainment technology giant Kakao. It was later released on Kakao Entertainment’s Japanese cartoon site Piccoma.

The film will be released on Prime Video on November 2.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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