The film “Barbie” hits theaters for the first time in Mexico in July

¿Cuándo se estrena 'Barbie' en México en Cinemex y Cinépolis?When will 'Barbie' debut in Mexico at Cinemex and Cinépolis?

When will ‘Barbie’ debut in Mexico at Cinemex and Cinépolis? – Special (Warner Bros.)

The iconic Barbie doll, a symbol of fashion and popular culture for decades, will make the leap to the big screen in an exciting adaptation of live action starring the talented actress Margot Robbie. After a long development and production process, Mexican fans will finally be able to enjoy this film on July 20, just in time for the summer holidays of children and teenagers.

Originally, the premiere was scheduled for July 21, 2023, coinciding with the release of acclaimed director Christopher Nolan’s new film, titled “Oppenheimer.” However, to the delight of Barbie fans, it was decided one day to bring the premiere forward, allowing viewers to enjoy both films without having to choose between one or the other.

The movie of “Barbie” seeks to convey important messages to its younger audience. According to Margot Robbie, the protagonist of the film, the film aims to foster confidence, curiosity and communication in children by enabling them to imagine different ambitious roles, from princesses to presidents. The film should inspire young people to dream big and pursue their goals no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

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The ‘Barbie’ soundtrack will be available the same day as the film

Beyond release date announcement, the official soundtrack of the film is out, which promises to be an exciting musical experience. The track list includes performances by renowned international artists such as the talented Dua Lipa, who brings her unique style and captivating voice to the soundtrack. Other prominent names on the list include successful Colombian singer Karol G, as well as popular American artists Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice.

After years of development and production, fans of the famous doll will be able to enjoy this exciting adaptation on July 20, to coincide with the school holidays.

The inclusion of these artists in the “Barbie” soundtrack adds a fresh, modern edge to the film, reflecting the diversity and energy of today’s youth culture. Without a doubt, these songs will become anthems for Barbie fans and will be the perfect soundtrack to accompany the famous doll’s adventures on the big screen.

As the premiere approaches, excitement and expectations grow. The movie “Barbie” with Margot Robbie promises to be a true visual feast, packed with fashion, fun and positive messaging for younger audiences.

Whether kids dream of being a princess, an astronaut, a scientist or a leader, this film will remind them that there are no limits to their dreams and that the power of imagination can lead them to achieve anything they desire. Get ready for a magical journey with Barbie to the movies!

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix

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