Barbie’s collector’s glasses arrive at the Cinemex to conquer cinephiles

Vasos coleccionables de Barbie llegan a Cinemex para conquistar a los fanáticos del cineBarbie's collector's glasses arrive at the Cinemex to conquer cinephiles

Collectable Barbie glasses arrive at the Cinemex to conquer cinephiles – Warner Bros. (Warner Bros. Discovery)

Cinemex, the well-known chain of cinemas, is no less in terms of emotion for cinema premieres, and this time it surprised everyone by launching a Barbie collection glasses series. This initiative has become a tradition for the company, which seeks to offer viewers not only a unique experience on the big screen, but also the opportunity to take home a special memory.

Advance ticket sales for the long-awaited Barbie movie kicked off this Thursday, generating great anticipation among fans of the iconic doll. But what has really caught everyone’s attention are the prices of collector’s glasses that Cinemex will make available to the participants.

On this occasion, Barbie lovers will have the Possibility to buy three different models of glasses alongside the film premiere, accompanied by a fabulous box of popcorn. Each Barbie glass will be priced at approximately 120 Mexican pesos, which equals just over $7. Without a doubt, a very affordable cost for fans who want to take home a little piece of Barbie magic.

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Barbie glasses can be purchased in trios for a good price

But that’s not all, those who wish to acquire the three piece combination they can do it for 285 pesos. Each glass has a lenticular style, which means they feature different designs when moved around. All have been created in the signature pink color that represents the Barbie brand, providing a touch of glamor and elegance to each of these collectible pieces.

Each glass will be priced at around 120 Mexican pesos, which is considered cheap compared to other collectibles.

Collector’s eyewear Barbie They have become an object of desire for enthusiasts and collectors. As well as being a perfect addition to any movie lover and the most famous doll in the world, they represent an opportunity to take home a unique souvenir of an unforgettable experience.

At each exit, cinemax seeks to surprise its audience with exclusive products that complement the cinematic experience. These collectible Barbie glasses are just another example of the company’s commitment to providing special moments for viewers and fans of the iconic doll. Naturally, they are expected to be a complete success and attendees will be able to enjoy their favorite movie while delighting in these fabulous pieces.

So now you know, if you’re a true Barbie fan and can’t wait to see her new movie on the big screen, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase these incredible collectible glasses at Cinemex. Hurry to buy your ticket and get ready to live a unique experience full of magic and fun with Barbie at the cinema!

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix

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