‘Oppenheimer’ vs ‘Barbie’: Who’s Winning at the Box Office?

‘Oppenheimer’ vs ‘Barbie’: ¿Cuál va ganando en taquilla?'Oppenheimer' vs 'Barbie': Who's Winning at the Box Office?

‘Oppenheimer’ vs ‘Barbie’: Who’s Winning at the Box Office? – Special (Special)

The summer of 2023 is coming, the time of year when big premieres arrive in theaters around the world, and on this occasion two films will fight hard for the box office on the big screen, it is the new production starring Cillian Murphy’oppenheimer’ and the new title with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’Barbie’.

Without a doubt these two films are the ones that have aroused the most interest during 2023, curiously they are two very different films, because while ‘oppenheimer’ by Christopher Nolan is a dramatic story based on true events,’Barbie’, as the name reveals, is a comic title based on the famous Mattel doll.

Although they are not released, for many film fans the big question is which of these two films is winning at the box office, and according to the predictions made by many specialists AND the movie of ‘Barbie’ what he is overcoming ‘oppenheimer’ Some statistics even indicate that the film starring Margot Robbie will double the revenue compared to what the Christopher Nolan production is expected to achieve.

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Everything seems to indicate that ‘Barbie’ so far it’s beating ‘oppenheimer’Because it is a film with a more relaxed and entertaining story, since we must not forget that Christopher Nolan’s film is all about who has been called “the father of the atomic bomb”, a title that shows in theaters how this character was responsible of creating such a weapon for the United States in WWII.

The fact is that both films are highly anticipated in cinemas around the world, and to make their comparison even more interesting, these two productions are released on the same day, since both ‘Barbie’, like ‘Oppenheimer’ will debut on the big screen next Friday, July 21st.

Cillian Murphy and Margot Robbie are the protagonists of the 2 most anticipated films of 2023, respectively ‘Oppenheimer’ and ‘Barbie’. Source: Courtesy. Photographer: Special.

‘Oppenheimer’ vs ‘Barbie’ at awards season

On the other hand, in the awards season the outcome could be very different, since all predictions indicate that ‘Oppenheimer’ will be one of the films that sweep away various awards in the film industry, while everything indicates that ‘Barbie’ will it could be left with lesser categories in awards like the Oscars.

We will have to wait for the premiere of both films to find out the result they will have, both at the box office and in the awards season, two productions that demonstrate that the film industry has recovered almost completely after the hard blows received by the confinement resulting from the pandemic which forced the total stop of previews and recordings.

The success of these 2 films would be good news for the entire film industry, since right now there is an initiative for the public to return to the cinemas, for this reason margot robbi posted that he bought tickets to attend see ‘Oppenheimer’ while cillian murphy bought tickets to enjoy “Barbie” as an invitation for fans to go to the cinema.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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