Ezra Miller Scandals Won’t Stop ‘The Flash’ Sequel; Warner Bros will keep it

Escándalos de Ezra Miller no impedirán una secuela de 'The Flash'; Warner Bros lo conservaráEzra Miller Scandals Won't Stop Sequel of

Ezra Miller Scandals Won’t Stop ‘The Flash’ Sequel; Warner Bros. will keep it – Warner Bros. (DC)

Unleashing its lightning speed on the big screen, the performance of “Barry Allen” Ezra Miller on “The Flash” has been marred by a history of legal troubles and controversies. Despite the actor’s efforts to mend his relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery and his commitment to addressing his mental health issues, questions have been raised about Miller’s future in the Scarlet Speedster cinematic universe in the new era of ‘DC Universe.

with the expected release scheduled for June 15 in theatersdirector Andy Muschietti (It) has made it clear that Miller will not be replaced as “Barry Allen” in a possible sequel. Of course, this will depend on the reception of the film.

In a conversation with The Discourse podcast, the Argentine director was asked about the possibility of bringing Miller back as “Flash.” Muschietti replied: “If there is a sequel, yes”.

I don’t think there’s anyone who can play the character as well as (Ezra). The other portrayals of the character are great, but this particular take on the character stood out. And, as you said, the two “Barrys,” “it feels like the character was made for Miller,” the director said.

His sister and producer, Barbara Muschietti, added that “during the shooting phase, Ezra Miller was brilliant and the busiest and most professional (actor). Ezra gave his all to this role: physically, creatively and emotionally. It was absolutely brilliant.”

Ezra Miller’s future as “The Flash” remains secure amid controversy and legal issues, with his commitment to treatment and the film’s success as the determining factors. Photo: Warner Bros.
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The premiere of ‘The Flash’ will be decisive

Meanwhile, a behind-the-scenes look focusing on Sasha Calle’s ‘Kara’ has been revealed, showing her journey from casting to wearing the House of El symbol.

Scripted by Christina Hodson (Bumblebee, Birds of Prey), we will see Miller’s “Barry Allen” travel back in time to prevent his mother’s murder, with unforeseen consequences that open the door to the DC multiverse.

To save the world and return to his own universe, he will receive help from his younger self, a more experienced “Batman” played by Michael Keaton, and a lost Kryptonian, “Supergirl” (Street), as they go head-to-head against “General Zod”. (Michael Shannon) on an Earth without metahumans.

Ben Affleck will also return as “Batman” in this highly anticipated film that finally explores the concept of the Multiverse in the DC Universe (DCU). The cast includes Ron Livingston (Office Space, Tully) as “Henry Allen” and Maribel Verdú (Y tu mamá también) as “Nora Allen”, Barry’s parents.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix

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