The filming of “Barbie” caused a shortage of the color pink around the world

Rodaje de 'Barbie' provocó escasez del color rosa en todo el mundoFilming of

Filming of ‘Barbie’ caused a shortage of the color pink around the world – Warner (Warner Bros. Discovery)

The global demand for Pink color has reached unprecedented heights thanks to the filming of the highly anticipated Barbie movie. The neon shade of pink, so emblematic of the theme of the iconic doll, it has caused a real global shortage.

The film’s director, Greta Gerwig, wanted color to be present in every scene, drawing inspiration from Palm Springs’ mid-century designs and Barbie’s iconic “dream houses.” HoweverOr, the size of the order for Rosco’s brand fluorescent pink paint has left the world with an alarming lack of this coveted color.

Barbie, the famous doll that has fascinated entire generations with its elegance and imagination, was presented for the first time in 1959 at the New York Toy Fair. Created by Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel Inc., Barbie has become an icon of the toy industry, generating substantial profits year after year. Throughout her history, this doll has acted in more than 200 professions and has been an inspiration to girls and young people, promoting the message that they can be whatever they want.

The Barbie movie, which is scheduled to premiere on July 21, 2023, has caused great excitement since its adaptation to the live action format was announced. The presence of renowned actors such as Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and singer Dua Lipa thrilled the fans of the doll. However, the production faced an unexpected hurdle: the lack of neon pink.

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Greta Gerwig reveals the real inspiration for ‘Barbie’

In an interview with “Architectural Digest” magazine, Greta Gerwig, the director of the film, revealed his vision for the film. Inspired by Palm Springs designs and Barbie’s “dream house” aesthetic, Gerwig wanted the pink tones to be vibrant and dazzling. This led the production team to place a massive order for Rosco-brand fluorescent pink paint, quickly depleting the global supply of the color.

Production designer Sarah Greenwood described the situation with amazement: “The world has run out of roses.”

The resulting shortages affected various sectors, from the entertainment industry to daily consumption. The color pink, so associated with Barbie, has become a precious and hard to find commodity. This strange shortage has aroused the curiosity of many, turning the shooting of Barbie into a media phenomenon.

The Barbie movie, beyond its importance to the entertainment industry, showed the power of influence and cultural imprint that the doll has left over the years. Her legacy continues to resonate in society, arousing nostalgia and expectations in the new generations.

The filming of “Barbie” sold out the color pink worldwide due to its demand and need for fluorescent tones. Photo: Warner Bros.

Despite the scarcity of pink, Barbie remains a symbol of imagination and infinite possibilities for those who grew up playing with her. Her message of power and the idea that anyone can be what she wants have left an indelible mark on popular culture.

The phenomenon of the scarcity of the color pink It unleashed a wave of reactions on social networks. Internet users have echoed the news, sharing memes, funny comments and surprises about the situation. Many have expressed their astonishment that a single film project could have such an impact on the worldwide supply of a given color. Conspiracy theories and humorous debates have even arisen about the implications of this scarcity for everyday life.

‘Barbie’ continues the march towards its premiere

Meanwhile, the production of the Barbie film continues its course, even if it has had to resort to creative solutions to make up for the lack of pink. Designers and artists had to improvise, using similar shades or looking for alternatives to recreate Barbie’s signature aesthetic. This situation has led to an exercise in imagination and adaptability, reminding us of the importance of creativity in times of scarcity.

Despite unexpected challenges, enthusiasm for the Barbie movie continues to grow. Fans eagerly await the premiere, excited to see their idols play the iconic doll characters. Furthermore, the scarcity of the color pink added an element of rarity and exclusivity to the production, raising expectations around the film even more.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix

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