What does the Netflix message mean and what happens if I ignore it?

¿Qué significa el mensaje de Netflix y qué pasa si lo ignoras?What does the Netflix message mean and what happens if I ignore it?

What does the Netflix message mean and what happens if I ignore it? – Special (Netflix)

We are in a moment of change in the world of streaming, as different platforms are changing their prices, their catalogs or their strategies, and Netflix is ​​not far behind, since this service is willing to stop sharing accounts from part of its users, and for this reason it sends an alert message to its subscribers.

Many users of this streaming service in Mexico and Latin America are reporting on social networks that when they try to use the application, a message appears stating: “Netflix is ​​designed for you and the people who live with you. You can easily watch Netflix on any device, wherever you go. We’ll help you verify that this TV is connected to your home through Netflix.”

For some subscribers, this warning is not clear enough, since there are those who did not know about the changes made by the streaming giant, and what this message indicates is that Netflix no longer allows account sharing with users located outside the primary addressor profiles that use this service in other addresses.

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The Netflix message also helps subscribers detect if their account is being used at a different addresssince the streaming giant has enabled the option”manage access and devices”, where the different profiles of each subscriber appear and in which places and devices they are using, in this way the main customer has the possibility to cancel these accesses.

Netflix subscribers who ignore this message may be charged extraBecause if you are one of the users who shares your account with a different address, the streaming giant will apply a charge of 69 mexican pesos additional to the original subscription, obviously in cases where no profile is shared for another address, ignoring this the message will not generate any extra payments.

Netflix allows you to share a profile to another address but at an additional cost. Source: Netflix. Photographer: Special.

“Transfer profile”, the new Netflix option

It is important to note that the action of sharing a profile for a user located at another address is still allowed on Netflix, as long as the primary subscriber pays the fee of an additional 69 Mexican pesos, instead, for those who do do not want to cover this payment, the platform invites them to subscribe to their respective addresses.

For these users, Netflix has enabled the option “transfer profile”, which means that new subscribers can bring their information from an old profile to a new subscription, which includes platform viewing history, likes, search histories, among other data that improves the experience for each user.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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