Amazon will expand the “Creed” universe with a live-action series and an anime

Amazon expandirá el universo de ‘Creed’ con una serie live-action y un animeAmazon will expand the universe of

Amazon to expand ‘Creed’ universe with live-action series and anime – MGM (Courtesy)

The third film in the ‘Creed’ saga is enjoying box office success, and in addition to the fact that Michael B. Jordan has confirmed that there will be more films in the future, now Amazon has confirmed the development of a live-action series and an anime which will expand the stories of this universe. These two projects will be the new spin-offs of the Sylvester Stallone franchise.

According to information from Deadline, Amazon Studios has given the green light to two new spin-offs from ‘believe’. The success of the third film starring Michael B. Jordan has allowed the shared universe of the franchise to extend beyond the story of Adonis Creed and begin to create other characters related to the world of boxing.

The report indicates that they are just being put into development a live-action series and an anime ‘believe’, which is hardly surprising, considering the number of references and inspirations Michael B. Jordan had in his film directorial debut. Jordan has made no secret of his love for Japanese animation, with hints at titles such as “Dragon Ball”, “Naruto” and even “One Punch Man”.

Presumably there would also be a spin-off film about Amara, the daughter of Apollo Creed, who has just made her debut in the third installment of the saga, and who is played by Mila Davis-Kent. Thanks to the agreement between Amazon and MGM, it was possible for the subsequent installments of the franchise to reach the Amazon Prime Video catalog exclusively, where the titles of ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’ are already found.

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Michael B. Jordan responsible for the future of ‘Creed’

Both studios want Michael B. Jordan to be in charge of structuring all future “Creed” projects, even if that wouldn’t mean Adonis Creed’s return after retiring from the ring. Therefore, like Sylvester Stallone, he would be in charge of supervising and producing the following titles in the franchise.

A fourth ‘Creed’ film starring Michael B. Jordan remains a possibility, confirmed by the actor himself, while a film about Ivan Drago’s son, played by Florian Munteanu, is also in development. So there’s still a lot to see in this shared universe that Amazon Studios is developing.

‘Creed’ is still in theaters worldwide and has already broken the $110 million barrier at the global box office. It will therefore only be a matter of time to know more details about what is coming to one of the most successful modern franchises of the moment.

By Jorge Ruiz

Source: Nacion Flix

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