‘The Office”s Rain Willson Criticizes ‘The Last of Us’ For Being ‘Anti-Christian’

Rain Willson de ‘The Office’ critica a ‘The Last of Us’ por ser “anticristiana”Rain Willson by

‘The Office”s Rain Willson criticizes ‘The Last of Us’ for being ‘anti-Christian’ – BBC | HBO (courtesy)

In the eighth chapter of ‘The Last of Us’, he debuted what many consider to be the creepiest character and works as one of the most terrifying villains in the HBO series. However, ‘The Office’ actor Rainn Wilson does not think so and criticizes the series Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey for sending anti-Christian messages, even if he is not.

Through his Twitter account, Rainn Wilson criticized ‘The Last of Us’: “I think there is an anti-Christian prejudice in Hollywood. As soon as David’s character in The Last of Us started reading the Bible, I knew he was going to be a horrible villain. Could there be a Bible-reading preacher on a show who is truly loving and kind?” wrote the ‘The Office’ actor.

Wilson continues and clarifies that he is not a Christian, and that he does not agree with what was done by Fox News, which cited the tweet of the actor of ‘The office’ against ‘The Last of Us’: “Here’s a couple of funny things about Hollywood’s anti-Christian bias. My opinion tweet was picked up as a front page story by Fox News. Talk about prejudice. An organization created as a corporate fee to create a purely for-profit division based on culture war outrage. Print it! Besides, I’m not even a Christian.”

Finally, Rainn Wilson believes “The Last of Us” perpetuates an anti-Christian image common in several American media: “It is certainly true that the evangelical/political coalition is doing a lot of damage to our country. Banning books, banning freedoms, denying inconvenient science, embracing a grotesque anti-LGBTQ+ platform… But most Christians I know are kind, accepting and loving, and trying to make the world a better place. They should also be honored by the media.”

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‘The Last of Us’ fans respond to Rainn Wilson

Given the string of statements against the HBO series, fans of ‘The Last of Us’ have assured that Rainn Wilson “didn’t understand the episode”. The actor received all kinds of responses: “Did you stop watching The Last of Us after that?” Asked one of his followers. “Or did you miss the fact that he actually wasn’t a Christian and he took on that role just to have power in the community?”

“David’s point as a character was to wield power and manipulate others,” explained one of the followers, “that was clearly explained to the audience.” Although there have also been those who have positioned themselves in favor of the declarations. “Christophobia and Christophobic sentiment are alive and well in our industry,” the actor finally wrote.

During the premiere of the first season, ‘The Last of Us’ was heavily criticized and also highly praised. Of course all criticism is respectful and for Rainn Wilson this issue does not mean that it is a bad adaptation or a bad story.

By Jorge Ruiz

Source: Nacion Flix

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