Horror movie with opening scenes that will make you want to stop

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Películas de terror con las escenas iniciales que te harán querer dejarlasHorror movie with opening scenes that will make you want to stop

Horror movies with opening scenes that will make you want to put them down – Netflix (Courtesy)

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Much of what makes us stay to see a story to the end is its beginning, a moment in which the author has to show all his intentions, and that hooks him into wanting us to stay completely. And conversely, horror movies have to provoke exactly the same thing, but with a feeling that will make you want to leave them from the very beginning.

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One of most shocking opening scenes of a horror movie ‘Cube’ has it, the cult work of 1997. It is about the moment when, with great violence, we see how one of the prisoners participating in this macabre game is torn to pieces for not pressing the button I should have pressed . A moment that has remained engraved in the minds of many, and that you can relive on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

Final destination

Although his executions have become perverted over time, the first installment of “Final Destination” has one scariest opening scenes in movies. This is the opening of “Final Destination”, in which a flight starts to fail, and in a plane crash everyone dies, but it was a boy’s premonition, who warns him that death is coming for them. Available on HBO Max.

The ring

While the original version was wildly insane, one of the horror movie with the best opening scene It’s “The Ring”, the American version. Everything is masterfully executed, a couple of girls watching a cursed video warning them of a call that would lead to their deaths, and although everyone knows how it will end, tension is in the air. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

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evil Dead

Sam Raimi will always remain in the epitome of horror in his “Evil Dead” saga, but it was Fede Álvarez’s version that had an opening that will make you want to put it down and not continue. Well, as long as the boys reach the cursed hut, they awaken an ancient presence, and one of the girls pierces her tongue with a knife. Just brutal. Available on HBOMax.


Although everyone already knew what the beginning of Stephen King’s novel was like, it was Andy Muscietti’s remake of “It” that gave it a very clever twist. The boat that escapes in the sewers to Georgie, but it was already known that the little one perishes before Pennywise, it is the movements of the terrifying clown that make it even more disturbing. Available on HBO Max.

It follows

The beginning of a story must present the conflict of its protagonists, and few do it like ‘It Follows’. It’s a scene where a girl has sex with her boyfriend, and he sets her up, revealing that now a curse will haunt her, unless she’s also intimate with someone else, and that’s where the threat of her appears. . Available on Amazon Prime Video.

By Jorge Ruiz

Source: Nacion Flix

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